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Chairs & Couches

Our Events by Laurie Andrews Design. Photographers, Nadra Phtotography, Emily Delemater & Laurie Andrews

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lounge at pc
Peach side chairs
gold velvet love seat

Gold velvet love seat. 2 in stock

green velvet love seat

8 in stock

Black ottoman

4 in stock

black velvet slipper chair

20 in stock

Tufted armless side chair

Tan side chair

French country arm chair

Lounge furnture french country 4 in stock

French Country love seat

8 in stock

French country sofa

2 in stock

French country linen chair

24 in stock

wood and linen love seat

8 in stock

French Country side chair

2 available

cream love seat
brown suede couch

4 in stock

Linen side chairs

50 in stock

Cream side chair

6 in stock

4-Piece out door lounge set

2 sets in stock


Brown leather. 6 in stock

Wood director chairs

4 available

White Leather Ottamon

White Lounge seating

White leather 4 pieces

White wedding lounge seating

White leather 8 piece sofa

White Event Furniture

White 4 Piece Sectional

White wedding and event lounge furniture

White 3 Piece lounge set

White event and wedding lounge furniture

White 5 piece lounge set

White wedding lounge decor

White leather side chair

8 available

white leather directors chairs

4 available

Ghost chair

6 in stock

white acrylic dining chair

6 available

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